3D Modeling

We like low polygons quantity on each model what we make, without lose any detail on original drawing.

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3D Texturing

We approach technology, to give on each model, how the artist want to see detail levels.

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3D Rigging

The most hard and minutious part of a good animation is the rigg, we apply a huge techniques to get the more fluid animation.

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Welcome to AnimaPlay!

The MOTION is the beautiful exposition of the life, that's our philosophy and this is why the animation exist. We try to make live any CG. How we do it? Using the technologies on science computer design, doing research about biggest company in the world.



Mazinger Z (30 sec. animation)

Take a look on this animation, was a Manga 80's, we remake using CG technologie.

Cameras 4k

Take a look at Camera 4k is our partner business.